About Us

John and Barb

I am not a doctor. Nor am I a nutritionist. I do not have a college degree.

I am 81 years old, happily married and very busy as a writer. For more than a year, I have devoted my full time to researching and writing about nutrition and longevity.

I have always been an active entrepreneur. I had my own businesses in jewelry manufacturing, importing and growing tropical plants in large greenhouses, Canadiana and "Impulse Item" gift stores, yarn spinning, knitting and weaving of textiles, computer manufacturing and a hands-on education business, coaching teenagers to become certified computer technicians. In the most recent decade, I operated a major surveillance site selling CCTV cameras and accessories into the US and worldwide.

I have learned a great deal from my experiences, and there is knowledge I would like to share with others. Through the audiobooks we are writing and this website, we plan to provide valuable and up-to-date information on healthy aging and living longer.

Our goal is to provide our readers with useful, leading edge and accurate information so they, themselves, can make educated and appropriate decisions about their own health. We always suggest that they change their lives in consultation with their health professional.

I am an insulin-dependent diabetic with poor circulation and high blood pressure. Even though I recently lost 50 pounds, I am still 50 pounds overweight. At my age, with my slow metabolism and my lack of mobility, it is almost impossible for me to lose weight. But I have not stopped trying!

I suffer from a condition called metabolic myopathy.

This condition affects the muscles in my body, especially my legs, making it truly difficult for me to be mobile. I cannot stand or walk.

Using a floor-to-ceiling pole, my arms and upper body strength, I can barely transfer to and from my bed to my wheelchair. This way, I can leave my bedroom and move around our home for a few hours each day. Mostly, however, I am bedridden.

I am working full time writing about some of the more remarkable aspects of my own health journey. In addition, I see myself as an investigative journalist, writing about the leading edges of man's quest to achieve longevity. I hope to share these experiences, informing my family, friends and readers of what I have learned.

I especially want to express my opinion that aging is a disease that can be slowed, stopped, and even reversed. I realize this opinion is controversial and difficult to prove. But I also see how lifespan, or better yet, healthspan, is a topic that is now widely researched, discussed and debated. I believe I can contribute to that conversation.

My wife, Barb, is not only my dear friend, my most valuable supporter, but also a constant source of inspiration. We work together as a team.

Your comments, suggestions and criticisms are invited. We will try to respond to every email we receive from our readers.

John Duncan